IH2D - Services

iHipHop Distribution is unlike any other music distributor in the world.  Comprised of industry veterans with an unparalleled level of hip-hop expertise, our team will not only distribute your music worldwide, but put you in control of marketing and promoting your album. iHipHop Distribution offers three tiers of service:


Wiz Khalifa, Wu-Tang Clan, Smoke DZA, Marz Lovejoy, Trademark Da Skydiver, tabi Bonney, The Snowgoons, Brand Nubian, Bronze Nazareth and many more have been invited to receive this service.

This service represents our most extensive commitment to an artist, as we invest significant money and resources and take a full hands-on approach in all aspects of furthering an artist’s career.  In addition, our invitation service includes physical distribution through our partnership with E1 Music. We are often asked, “How can an artist gain access to this level of service?”  While our team of A&Rs take several approaches to find extraordinary artists, perhaps the best way to get noticed is to take advantage of our Premium and Basic services. All artists that distribute their projects through iHipHop Distribution are closely monitored by our team of A&Rs.  If you perform well within our system and demonstrate the potential to have a national impact, it’s highly likely that you will be contacted by one of our A&Rs.

If you are a Premium or Basic user, feel free to contact us pr@ihiphopdistribution.com and make sure to include your User Name.

PREMIUM (Distribution + Marketing)

It’s one thing to have your album in stores worldwide, but it’s something much greater to have your album in demand.  Our team of marketing experts, publicists and industry professionals offers an extensive array of customizable marketing services to guarantee that your project receives as much exposure as possible.

Our Premium Service allows your single to get worldwide distribution for $9.99 and albums for $49.99.  Your music will become available worldwide in all major digital retailers and all revenues will be paid out to you through PayPal.  Our users receive 24-hour access to our easy-to-navigate control panel, where you have full control and management of your own digital distribution account with your sales and accounting information readily available.

Additionally, iHipHop Distribution offers various marketing and promotional services to our Premium users to give you a winning edge. Among these services are customized advertisements on urban culture websites, customized e-mail blasts to thousands of press outlets, blogs and music video servicing for review to MTV, BET, Fuse, notable DJs and others.  These services are an additional cost but are well worth the investment

BASIC (Distribution Only)

iHipHop Distribution will distribute your single worldwide for $9.99 and album for just $49.99.  Our digital distribution will place your music in all major digital retailers.  Monthly payments for you music will be made out to you via PayPal.

iHipHop Distribution makes the distribution process easier than ever before.  Upload your music at any time with 24-hour access to the site and full control and management of your own digital distribution account.  Our super simple to use Control Panel lets you control releases, submit artwork and monitor your sales and accounting instantly. We highly recommend taking advantage of our Premium Marketing services in order for your release to reach its maximum potential. This Basic Service is recommended for artists who are solely interested in distribution and currently have a marketing team that can create substantial demand for the artist’s release.

Before signing up for our Basic Service, consider the following:

  • Making your music available in retailers such as iTunes simply isn’t enough to create demand for your release.  The more demand for your release, the more you will sell and thus the more money you will make.

  • In order to create demand, fans must know who you are.  In order for fans to know who you are, your music must be marketed properly.

  • Digital advertising, press, industry awareness, album reviews, and online features are some of the things that can help fans know who you are.

  • Can you make your music available to outlets like MTV, BET, Fuse, DJs, and College Radio?  iHipHop Distribution has the ability to service your music to all of these outlets and many more.